Wake the Lake: Civic Bodies, Corporates, and Citizens Together Revived 16+ Lakes of Bengaluru

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Inviting all the Bangaloreans for a Mega Plogging Drive at Lake Ulsoor


Find Your Lake

Join the Lake Community of your area and take charge of the change you wish to witness

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It’s time to turn #BrownToBlue

Our lifelines are on life-support. It’s high time we act to save the lakes and turn #BrownToBlue. Here’s the plan.

Revive Urban Lake Ecosystem

Foster thriving and sustainable fresh water ecosystems in the heart of Bengaluru

Replenish Ground Water Table

End ground water pollution in our lifetime and replenish the depleting water table

End Drinking Water Shortage

Create a drinking water rich Bengaluru within a decade

Making an Impact

Having sufficient #water is a #HUMANRIGHT.
The #watersupply for each person must be sufficient and continuous for personal and domestic uses. These uses ordinarily include #drinking, personal #sanitation, washing of clothes, food preparation, personal and household #hygiene.

The #startup, FluxGen Technologies has helped 20+ industrial units save 1 billion litres of #water. The Bengaluru-based startup uses #IoT to provide water monitoring solutions to different industries. Click to read more about it:
#WaterForAll #WaterCrisis

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Lakes in The News

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