Munnekolala Lake
Bengaluru, Karnataka

About The Lake

Munnekolala Lake is located in Marathahalli, Bangalore. The lake is spread over 15 acres. It was facing ruin and has now been restored by BBMP, United Way Bengaluru and Northern Trust. The main features of the restoration have been desilting, construction of a bund and a walkway. The lake is now in good shape and residents use the walking path for jogging, walking or workouts. Corporate volunteering activity has also resulted in increased biodiversity. In the lake premises, a herbal garden has been created where herbs and medicinal plants comprising many different varieties, such as Nirgundi, Vasaka, Ashwagandha, Rudraksha etc have been planted.

Munnekolala does not have a sewage treatment plant (STP). There are two naalas from where sewage enters the diversion drain. Naala 1 enters from the northeast of the lake and Naala 2 enters from the northwest.The outlet from the lake is an overflow system under a bridge in the southeast corner of the lake. The sewage from the diversion drain flows along the eastern perimeter of the lake and exits the lake at the south eastern side.

Munnekolala Lake has an active lake community known as The Munnekolala Lake Restoration Association (MLRA). The community works closely with United Way Bengaluru to restore Munnekolala Lake back to life.

Munekollalu Lake is situated in AECS Layout. It has one inlet and one outlet, two lake islands and is surrounded by residential areas. The lake is linked to Chinnappana Halli Lake in its upstream and to Varthur Lake in its downstream flow.

Lake Amenities:
  • Walk Path

Area: 15 Acres 38 Guntas
Zone: Mahadevpura zone

Scope for development:

  • Pump
  • Overhead Tank
  • Irrigation Line
  • Natural Wetland
  • Floating Islands


  • Fence
  • Toilet
  • Desilting
  • Sewage Diversion
  • Silt Trap
  • Bund Revetment
  • Walk Path
  • Security Cabin
  • Waste weir
  • Bund formation
  • Kalyani
  • Benches

UWBe With Community

(Intervention Period: 2016-2019)
  • Enriching Biodiversity
  • Lake Maintenance
  • Children Play Area
  • Open Air Gym
  • Wetland Development
  • Benches
  • Dustbin
  • Butterfly Garden/Theme Park
  • Gravelled Walk Path
  • Labour Shed


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