Help Improve your Lake’s Impact Score

Help Improve your Lake's Impact Score 1

Would you like to help your lake? It is easy. We help you to help your lake through a simple process of an impact score card.

What is a lake’s impact score card?

An impact score card is used to measure how well-maintained your lake is. It is something where we score a lake on the basis of the lake’s condition in terms of how clean the water is, how green its surroundings are, availability of facilities like walk paths around the lake etc.

Shown below is the impact score card of Kempambudhi Lake.

Help Improve your Lake's Impact Score 2

Impact Score Card for Kempambudhi Lake

The score card lets us know what and how to further improve the lake and make it more community friendly.

How can you contribute to building your lake score card?

There are always small yet significant ways in which you can pitch in. We shall be connecting you with our technical team to take ti forward. It could be as simple as clicking real time images of the amenities present at your lake.

Talk to us and we can help you fix this problem. We are always there for those who are willing to help. All we require is your conviction and dedication towards your lake!

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