Who are the Vultures attacking the Mallasandra Gudde Lake?

Who are the Vultures attacking the Mallasandra Gudde Lake? 1

Lakes suffer in the midst of political power struggles.

The story of the 16-acre Mallasandra Gudde Lake in Jalahalli West is no different. Here, the causal factors behind its degradation are multiple. Firstly, the BBMP has been continuously dumping the garbage into the lake water and some of them being burnt there. All of the toxic fumes are affecting the local citizens. Despite repeated complaints, no authority lifted even a finger.

Who are the Vultures attacking the Mallasandra Gudde Lake? 2
Source: Deccan Chronicle

Secondly, the lake’s area is being slowly encroached upon by a private trust where a mosque is being now built. Not a small patch of land but 10,000 sq feet!

Despite repeated notices to Slum Board officials by the Local Corporator, there seems to be no action from their side. 30 houses have already been built on the lake bed by the Slum Board using public money amounting to Rs 75 lakhs. As the contractor and the local MLA are from two different political parties, there seems to be no hope of a concrete solution.

Under the 2019 budget, BBMP has been sanctioned Rs 5 crore to rejuvenate the lake. However, the lake’s authority has yet to be moved from BDA to BBMP and therefore the lack of concern.

We can only pray that the BBMP takes things into control as soon as possible.

Read more at https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/260819/slum-board-encroaches-mallasandra-lake.html

Join us on our Wake the Lake journey as we set out to revive the dying lakes of Bengaluru.

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