The Success Journey of Bengaluru’s Iblur Lake

Iblur lake after removal of garbage.
The Success Journey of Bengaluru’s Iblur Lake 1
Iblur Lake pathway.
Source: United Way Bengaluru

Amidst the myriad depressing stories of water crisis and lake exploitation, it is indeed refreshing to come across a success story.

Iblur lake has been under rejuvenation and care since 2017. People are now eagerly waiting for the rains so that it can once again be the beauty that it used to be.

At the cost of 3 crore, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has done an excellent job in restoring the lake.

To divert the sewage line, an underground diversion channel was built. Around six months were needed to have the sewage removed from the lake. The Iblur Environs Trust (IbEnT) also worked alongside BBMP.

The Success Journey of Bengaluru’s Iblur Lake 2
Source: United Way Bengaluru

Progress Chart

A new jogging and walking pathway was constructed with fencing all along the way. There were also activities of flattening and leveling of the lake bund. Adding to this, 300 trees were planted thus increasing its green cover. The lake will receive enough water supply. Firstly, this year rains are bound to keep it brimming to the edge. Secondly, the newly built storm water drains along the ORR (outer ring road) and we have a sewage treatment plant (STP) to keep the water clean.

Fortunately, BBMP had enough funds to build rooms for security guards, toilets and drinking water facilities through the CSR funds. The STP is next on the plan and will be implemented in coming three months.

The IbENT members are strong in their conviction to keep the lake growing in its beauty and health. They plan to create a botanical garden, which will house different plants. Birds, butterflies and the added green cover is bound to create a holistic space around the lake.

The Success Journey of Bengaluru’s Iblur Lake 3
Source: United Way Bengaluru

The Iblur flyover project which began in 2010 had damaged the lake and it was the IbENT that took up the issue and campaigned for it. The BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) was not showing enough interest in the well-being of the lake. The IbENT finally pushed for the move to change the control of the lake from the hands of BDA to BBMP.

The Iblur lake has thus come a long way.

Join hands with us to create more such positive stories. Our project, Wake the Lake, does exactly this. We strive to revive the dying lakes of Bengaluru.


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