The revival of 19 lakes is a promise: BBMP

The revival of 19 lakes is a promise: BBMP 1

Reviving lakes in the city has become the most alarming issue. However, BBMP is not being ignorant about this at all. It is evident that Bengaluru, once the city of lakes has now become the city of dry and dead lakes. Polluted water, sewage inlet, garbage dumps are being the most painful causes for the current state of the lakes.

It must be appreciated, the civic agencies, community leaders and the organizations have been consciously working towards bringing these lakes back to life. The residents near many lakes have shown up the interest towards beautifying lakes. This indeed has buckled up BBMP under pressure to take up the improvement work of many lakes in the city.

BBMP officials have now confirmed that they will revive 19 lakes of the city by June 2019. Some of the works they will be carrying out would be; sewage diversion drain, desilting, bund formation, inlet & outlet improvements, boundary fence, island and wetland formation, immersion ponds, etc. The lakes to revived are as follows,

  1. Avahalli
  2. Begur
  3. Bhattarahalli
  4. Bhoganahalli
  5. Chikka Basavanapura
  6. Gottigere
  7. Haralakunte
  8. Harohalli
  9. Hoodi
  10. Horamavu Agara
  11. Kottanur
  12. Mallatahalli
  13. Panathur
  14. Sadaramangala
  15. Sarakki
  16. Siddapura
  17. Singapura
  18. Subramanyapura

BBMP believes, lakes are the most important part of the ecosystem and reviving them will enhance the groundwater level.

While funds are being the major challenge for the government, the maintenance will need proper planning too.

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