Robots turn up to manage urban water infrastructure in Mumbai
1st May 2019, NEWS

Polluted water is one of the nationwide challenges in urban water distribution and wastewater treatment network. Nearly 50% of water is lost in distribution due to leaks and non-revenue water. And only 20% of the wastewater is collected and treated. The untreated wastewater pollutes groundwater, lakes, rivers and coastlines.

On the other hand, the local governments had no proper maps of the pipes leading to weeks of digging. The technique to understand the quality of the pipe was being an age-old.

This inspired an urge in Asim, founder of Fluid Robotics to use AI-powered (artificial intelligence) solutions to address water issues. The revival of the Powai lake and Mithi river (also known as "‘Mahim River”) in Mumbai were the first two projects. Through this, the technology had helped to intercept, divert and treat over 400 MLD of untreated wastewater. Earlier this water was entering water bodies.

The multi-sensor robots developed by Fluid Robotics can inspect pipes that are as small as 6 inches in diameter and as large as 5×5 meter tunnels. These robots are used for better pipeline asset management and for cleaner lakes and rivers; considered as two critical areas.

Robots turn up to manage urban water infrastructure in Mumbai 2
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This technology has been successful in removing the human component in the dirty and dangerous job of inspecting pipelines. Also, reduces human effort in data interpretation.

However, the belief is that water issues and wastewater management are inter-linked. This can be solved for the country to have 24×7 water and zero pollution. Collaborations play a vital role in bringing a large-scale impact in the water space.


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