Presenting “Jaldost Airboat”: A Friend to Our Lakes

Presenting “Jaldost Airboat”: A Friend to Our Lakes 1

Lakes are living beings. Just not the way we are.

They breathe through their lungs, their precious waters. Just like a person suffering from Asthma, they can also suffer from clogged lungs due to rampant growth of weeds.

Unchecked, they can choke a water body to death. They not only clog the waters but also suck away all the nutrients of the lake leaving the host high and dry.

Launched by the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), “Jaldost Airboat” is a prototype can clear weeds weighing upto 650 kgs.

Using an 8 feet wide stainless steel cutter, its system uses the engine’s hydraulic power to cut weeds and scoop up the debris.

Accommodating one crew member and three passengers, the airboat employs low-cost aircraft technology. The absence of moving parts below the water surface prevents entanglement with objects underwater.

Highly mobile in accessing locations, Jaldost is truly the lake’s friend, if not best friend.

Follow our project Wake the Lake to learn more about keeping our lakes healthy and kicking!


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