“Make space for me too”: How the Indian Pond Terrapin was forced out of Sompura Lake

“Make space for me too”: How the Indian Pond Terrapin was forced out of Sompura Lake 1

Human refugee crisis is not new to us. Increased sensitivity is demanded of everyone as people are fighting together to navigate this global problem.

What about animal refugees?

In the Somanahalli neighborhood on the outskirts of Bengaluru, the Share Habitat Team had to resolve a case of continuous knocking at a godown door.

After investigating, the culprit was found to be a 10 year old Indian Black Turtle.

Critically endangered, the Indian Pond Terrapin or commonly known as the Indian Black Turtle is a curious animal which prefers to reside in rivers, lakes and ponds.

The animal seems to have gotten into the godown space for hunting food when the workers were moving the trunks. The nearby almost dried up lake and the subsequent lack of food sources has forced the turtle to enter human habitations. Such issues are a result of our mistreatment of the water body.

With the onslaught of human habitation upon the water bodies, the aquatic inhabitants such as the Indian Terrapin are forced out to seek new shelters.

Rendering animals homeless has become man’s second nature.

Next time a creature comes knocking at your door, think and reflect upon the why. 

Follow us on our project Wake the Lake to learn more about how to conserve Bengaluru’s beautiful lakes and its ecosystem.

Read more at https://bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com/bangalore/others/indian-pond-terrapin-rescued/articleshow/69640136.cms

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