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About the Lake ( Parappana Agrahara Kere)

Parappana Agrahara Lake is located in the south eastern part of Bangalore City. The Lake is surrounded by developed Residential Layouts on the western and southern side, Bangalore Central Jail on the eastern side and greeneries on the northern side. The northern side of the Lake is confined by Earthen Bund. The Lake is located at a distance of about 1.7 km away from Hosur Road (NH – 7).

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Parappana Agrahara
Major Challenges:

Inlet Nos. 1 and 2 are feeding significant quantity of Sewage Water from Bangalore Central Jail and the surrounding residential layouts whereas the Dry Weather Flow in Inlet No. 3 is not significant. Due to this, the entire Lake Bed is covered by Water Hyacinth. The Lake has one outlet on north eastern side, which facilitates excess water to evacuate from the Lake and further flow to Kudlu Dodda Kere.

Lake Facts:

An area of about 7.099 hectare with a shoreline length of about 1498.05m Lake is formed by earthen bund on its northern side of length about 402.85m. The Lake has three inlets. Inlet No. 1 at the south east corner Inlet No. 2 at the south-west corner Inlet No. 3 at the western side (Inlet No. 3).  

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