Mahadevapura Lake

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About the Lake ( Mahadevapura Lake)

Mahadevapura Lake is on 22 acres and is located in Mahadevapura, in the east of Bangalore. It is frequented by many local residents who enjoy the provided walking path.

Mahadevapura lake has much biodiversity which includes plant and animal species. The plant species include Hyacinth, Algae, Mosses, Ferns, Rushes, Tapegrass. The water body also supported a diverse range of important endemic fauna including a variety of birds, butterflies, insects and aquatic life.


Major Challenges:
  • Getting electrical connection inside the lake.
  • Electric motor/pump is required for watering the plants.
Lake Facts:
  • Lake forms a critical link for conservation of various species.
  • There are two wetlands, one in the southeast and the other in the northeast of the lake.
  • The lake is rich in fish species such as Common carp, Grass carp, Catla, Rohu…etc.

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