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About the Lake

Kempambudhi Kere is situated behind Jinke Park, Chamrajpet, Bengaluru and spread across 47 acres. Kempe Gowda I (1513-1569), the Vijayanagara kingdom chieftain who is credited with founding Bengaluru, built the lake for his family deity, Kempamma in the 16th century. Some sources say Kempambudhi is the first lake in the Vrishabhavati stream series. The lake was once the life of Old Bengaluru (Chamarajapete and Basavangudi) from where the city flourished.


Kempambudhi Kere

Nanjamba Agrahara, Chamrajpet,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560019


Lake Ownership


Major Challenges:
  • Untreated sewage flowing into the lake.
  • Facilities in disrepair.
  • Lake silted up, with reduced water holding capacity.
  • Weed growth in the lake.
  • Anti-social elements frequenting the lake, making it unsafe for families to visit.
  • Garbage being dumped around the lake, making it unhealthy.
  • Lack of community involvement.
Lake Facts:
  • Bengaluru developed around the Kempambudhi lake.
  • Immadi Kempe Gowda (Kempe Gowda II) established a water supply network from the lake to residential localities nearby.
  • One of the watchtowers that marked the city’s boundaries, was located by the lake.
  • The lake became a centre for cultural, religious and sporting activities.
  • A tunnel in the Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple nearby is linked to the lake. The stream in the temple premises, as a result, was often considered a metaphor for Ganga herself.
  • The Kempambudhi lake was a fine example of irrigation techniques. It has two artistic stone outlets to control the flow of water. They were built at two levels with four sculpted pillars and a roof. There are underground tunnels, and a valve controls the flow of water from the tank.

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Walking on the path beside a lake is so much fun! And it is even more fun to watch the plant you have planted every day grow, as you walk every morning and evening. Yes. United Way Bengaluru is organizing a long campaign of planting trees across the lakes in the city. Not just that! There will also be a photo booth waiting for you with props....

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