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What can you do?

Individuals or communities can adopt and revive a lake through the following steps:

  • Create awareness about the lake in the neighbouring regions
  • Form a support group
  • Identify the agency that owns a lake e.g. BBMP, BDA, Minor Irrigation Department etc.
  • Build rapport and enlist cooperation of the chief engineer or senior officer involved
  • Identify and fix legal issues such as encroachment, securing the lake boundaries or any other. Request the Tehsildar to establish the lake boundary and conduct a survey to study the land ownership in the neighbouring region.
  • Ensure that the lake boundary is physically secured even if it is with stone markers
  • Establish embankments
  • Create walls to support the lake during overflow of water or create a bund
  • Remove the sludge from the bottom of the lake and use it to create an island in the middle of the lake
  • Raise financial resources through local, individual and corporate supporters
  • Build rapport with like-minded NGOs who can help in raising funds and extend technical support
  • Ensure the installation of a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) preferably not dependent on electricity to process the sewage entering the lake.
  • Improve the quality of the environment around the lake as well as the water by increasing biodiversity
  • Grow local fruit, flower and medicinal plants and trees along the pathways, fencing bund areas of the lake. This also improves aesthetics around the lake, adds fertility to the soil, reduces the impact of heavy rains and holds moisture in the soil
  • Identify a professional/ expert on bio-diversity. Assess the lake to calculate how much area needs to be allocated for tree plantation, garden area, walk paths etc.
  • Based on the assessment decide the kind of trees to be plantedThere should be a mix of trees that can offer habitats for birds, yield fruits and flowers and add aesthetics to the lake
  • There should be a mix of trees that can offer habitats for birds, yield fruits and flowers and add aesthetics to the lake
  • Plant at the time of the year recommended by the experts e.g. before monsoons
  • Undertake regular maintenance activities such as watering, de-weeding, mulching, manuring, pruning, sprucing and trimming
  • Create an island to ensure birds can nest securely and a butterfly garden to increase pollination
  • Ensure fishing activity so that bird life can increase
  • Use lights judiciously so nocturnal birds and animals can thrive in comfort
  • Enlist the help of volunteers, corporate members and community members for upkeep of the lake
  • Enable round the clock security.