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About the Lake

Devasandra Lake is situated in Krishna Rajara Puram ward, KR PuramTaluk of Bangalore Urban district. The lake has two inlets and one outlet. It does not have any upstream links. Meanwhile, in its down stream, there are Basavanpura Lake (SEA college lake) and Seegehalli Lake which all together form part of Yelemallappa Chetty Lake series.


Area: 16 Acres 8 Guntas Zone: Mahadevpura zone

Lake Amenities:
  • Benches
  • Walk Path
Scope for development:
  • Pump
  • Overhead Tank
  • Irrigation Line
  • Natural Wetland
  • Floating Islands


  • Fence
  • Desilting
  • Sewage Diversion
  • Silt Trap
  • Bund Revetment
  • Walk Path
  • Waste Weir
  • Toilet
  • Benches
  • Security Cabin
  • Bund formation
UWBe With Community
(Intervention Period: 2016-2019)
  • Enriching Biodiversity
  • Waterbody cleaning
  • Lake Maintenance
  • Children Play Area
  • Open Air Gym
  • Benches
  • Dustbin
  • Fence Repair
  • Labour Shed

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