Grain and Clay Mix Ganesha Idol at Bangalore University Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations

Bangalore University has been doing a lot of green works recently on their campus. This Ganesh Chathurthi, the campus saw the making of a Grain Ganesha!

Clay Ganeshas, make way for the grain one!

The Department of Environmental Science decided to spread awareness through their actions of having a grain Ganesha. Here, the idol is not made fully of clay as is with the usual eco-friendly models. Grains are mixed with the clay to make the idol’s shape.

The effects of using Plaster of Paris Ganesha idols was highlighted during the awareness campaign at BU. Earlier, these were immersed in flowing waters and therefore the chances of pollution was lesser than now. Owing to lack of flowing water bodies near urban settlements, people now opt for lentic water systems i.e. comparatively still waters.

And these already shrinking lentic water bodies are highly open to being polluted and therefore undrinkable. The paint from PoP Ganesha idols contains heavy metals such as Lead and Cadmium. When their levels are really high, we find dead fishes floating on the surface and if they are low, they enter the fish bodies and accumulate in ours when we consume them. Either way, it is harmful to the environment.

Using nature friendly materials is the way to go. Grains and Clay is an excellent mix for a safe Ganesha!


Join us on our journey Wake the Lake project where we set out to revive the dying lakes of Bengaluru.

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