Dumping Medical Waste, Effluents into the Waters: 125 Karnataka Lakes in Critical Condition

Recent data provided by the Pollution Control Board on the state of lakes in Karnataka shows that 125 of them are in a state of urgent attention and care.

The frothing Bellandur lake is just the tip of the iceberg. Varthur and then Kaggadasapura lake. Who will be next?

Dumping Medical Waste, Effluents into the Waters: 125 Karnataka Lakes in Critical Condition 1
Effect of effluents being dumped into the lakes
Image Credit: comedialab.in

The ‘who’ here is to deliberately highlight the killing of a living being, the lake, and along with it, a thousand more living organisms. It is therefore similar to committing genocide.

The toxic debris being let into the lakes has been ravaging the lake ecosystem. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. One after the other, we are losing our lakes.

Alarming lack of response

The Water resources minister DK Shivakumar seemed to have no knowledge about this situation. Even so, the authorities who were informed on it failed to lift even a finger.

No actions such as cleaning drives, de-weeding or rejuvenation projects have been taken by the concerned authorities.

Bangalore is no stranger to heavy rains. Given these weather characteristics, it requires only common sense to realize that improperly disposed sewage mixes with rainwater and runs into the lakes.

But there is a more blatant form of lake water pollution.

A lake conservationist, Anand Malik, stated that medical wastage and effluents from prominent hospitals and companies are voluntarily dumped into the lakes at midnight.

Ghosts haunting humans have retired and are a thing of past. Now we have ghostly tankers haunting the lakes which are out to take their lives by choking them with waste.

Thanks to them, we have 125 lakes under critical condition.

Will you sit back while human greed eats away at Karnataka’s beauty like termites on wood?

Joins us on our journey Wake the Lake project, as we set out to revive Bangalore’s dying lakes and their ecosystems.

Read more at https://www.timesnownews.com/mirror-now/civic-issues/article/karnataka-over-125-lakes-badly-contaminated-says-pollution-control-board/434203

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