Bengaluru’s Lakes: the Only Hope for Endemic Bird Species of the Western Ghats

White Cheeked Barbet 2

Native to the Western Ghats and the Bengaluru region, the White-Cheeked Barbet is being rendered homeless due to the tree felling, pigeons invading their regular habitations and other unfavorable conditions.

Bengaluru’s Lakes: the Only Hope for Endemic Bird Species of the Western Ghats 1

With rising pollution levels of our city, one might imagine that it discourages the birds from nesting here. However, they seem unperturbed towards the deteriorating conditions of urban life.

Such worsening environment can only be compensated by having lakes as alternative habitation option. But the lakes are not exactly isolated from the city space. But the birds have managed to adapt to the surroundings. After all, survival of the fittest!

Usually a resident of the Western Ghats and also of the lush by-gone era’s Bengaluru roadsides, the White-Cheeked Barbet have to fight it out to survive in the city. The parks are unwelcoming to them due to the invasion of the common pigeons.

Given the circumstances, you can spot these birds in one such hot-spot like the Ulsoor Lake area. Plenty of food and space attracts them to these water bodies.

This shows the importance of lakes in sustaining a vast number of creatures, directly and indirectly. It is but a warning call for us to preserve Mother Nature’s bounty.

Join us on our journey Wake the Lake project to understand and preserve the lakes of Bengaluru and its ecosystems.


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