Artificial Islands: Reliable and a low-cost technology to revive lakes

Artificial Islands: Reliable and a low-cost technology to revive lakes 1

One cost effective technology to improve the water quality that is making buzz across the globe is Artificial Islands. These islands, absorb harmful nutrients, chemicals that enter into lakes and pollute them.

Artificial Islands: Reliable and a low-cost technology to revive lakes 2
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These are a man-made structure, with a use of variety of plants extending their roots into water and absorbing nutrients from it. Vetiver, Canna, Water Spinach, Azolla are few to name. These are ideally light in weight, and easily installed by a single person.

Recycled materials like PVC pipes, 4 elbows, plastic bottles, nylon mesh and tags are sufficient to make these floating islands. With a potential to serve as spawning habitats for fish and aquatic birds, they also reduce the depletion on oxygen in a water body. Thus, improving the landscape of urban lakes and preserving the shores through wave absorption.

Artificial islands are biological filters that clean the water before moving into the water body. Besides, providing a habitat to number of species, they directly benefit humans by soaking up chemicals from the groundwater which otherwise mix up with the human water supply. Secondly, they control flooding by serving as reservoirs for excess water.

“Artificial islands add to the aesthetic looks of the lake and are a safer sweet spot for birds to rest and nest”.

Mr David Anthonappa, General Manager, United Way Bengaluru

Plants play a very important role in floating islands. The long roots not only slow down the movement of water to help in settling but also, they help with cleaning the water two feet down where the roots are underneath the island. Thus, benefitting to the food chain in larger sense.

Since last 3 years, Namma Bengaluru is actively engaged in building such floating islands and lot many lakes are being revived using this technology. Thanks to community leaders, change agencies, government & corporates for having come forward to save lakes and save water.

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