Are Artificial Lake Islands Always for the Better?

Are Artificial Lake Islands Always for the Better? 1

In some of our articles, we have seen the importance of lake islands and how it can be useful for our bird life. But are they always good for the lake ecosystem?

Our intention behind making these islands matter a lot since that will depend on how actually beneficial they are to our fauna.

The Karnataka High Court has asked BBMP to halt its work on creating an artificial island in the Begur Lake. This is actually part of the lake’s rehabilitation efforts. So, what can be so wrong about it?

All of this noise ensued after an affidavit was filed by Leo F. Saldanha of Environment Support Group.

Are Artificial Lake Islands Always for the Better? 2
Source: The Hindu

Spanning across 137.24 acres, the lake is heavily polluted and filled with industrial sewage. There have been reports that the lake’s area is being highly encroached too. In the midst of all this, we have BMMP’s plan of creating artificial islands. With a huge statue of Shiva on it.

Now that is not good news.

BBMP plans to transform the artificial island into a tourist spot with a Shiva statue to boot. Though it is not clear on how things will be taken forward after that, it is not hard to guess the repercussions of such a move.

Lake islands are supposed to be safe havens for birds and other small animals to live in peace, away from all human population and pollution. Giving these spaces a touristy feel is going against this very idea of natural isolation. Not to mention the piling of plastic and other human refuse that follows any human interaction or encounters.

It is always important to have the right intention behind our actions and the Karnataka HC has been very mindful of that.


Follow us on our project Wake the Lake as we set out to revive the dying lakes of Bengaluru and its ecosystem.

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