About Us

Wake the Lake – a vital intervention for conservation

Wake the Lake is a campaign dedicated to the revival and preservation of urban and rural lakes. It brings together civic bodies, civil society and local communities to actively participate in reviving lakes and establish ownership for sustainability. Wake the Lake works with the understanding that healthy lakes in the long-term can lead to the health of the Earth

Objectives and goals

The objectives of Wake the Lake are to:

Free the lake from garbage,effluents and other pollutants; restore the water quality

Revive the ecosystem in and around the lake by creating micro climate for aquatic flora and fauna.

Bring about community ownership through active volunteerism

Wake the Lake locations

Currently being implemented in Bengaluru, Hosur and Hyderabad, Wake the Lake has helped to revive and maintain over 20 lakes that were on the verge of disappearing owing to encroachment, sewage contamination and reduced water storing capacity.